Maleshevo Region

In the eastern part of Macedonia, at an altitude of 800 – 900 m, on the slopes of the Maleshevo mountains lies the town of Berovo, a small mountain town.

Berovo and the Maleshevo mountains are just a small region, but there one can find a unique combination of almost untouched nature, cultural and historical heritage, ethnography, traditional music, and handicrafts. The climate is mild continental, in certain places modified into a mountain – continental characterized by cold winters and cool summers.

Berovo is the town with highest concentration of oxygen on the Balkan peninsula. The average annual temperature is 11.1 ̊C. Berovo is the town with most sunny days during the year in the whole country, with an average of 6.4 sunny hours per day. The Maleshevo region has been inhabited since prehistoric times, which is verified by the remaining of the settlements and the mounds.

There is almost no research done on a large number of registered archeological localities, thus it is impossible to say what time they date from. The conducted fieldwork resulted in dome findings that indicate a possibility for relative archeology.

According to the folk legend, the name Maleshevo is of Iliric origin and comes from the words mal – mountain and malesi – mountainous area.

The church and monastery are located near Berovo, on the road from Berovo to the Berovo Lake, along the Bregalnica River. Construction began in 1972 and was completed in 1975, in the style of the Byzantine – Macedonian churches from the Middle Ages. The monastery is male and a holy place of prayerful stillness…

At the beginning of the 19th century, Berovo was a rural settlement with around two hundred houses and one small and fallen into disrepair church alone. Therefore the more distinguished inhabitants of Berovo at that time decided to have a new church built at the site called Mogila. The Turkish governor (Vali) did give a building permit, however, under exceptionally difficult, almost impossible to be fulfilled conditions, the church was to be built low, below the road level and not to be seen, construction was to end in forty days…

Berovo Lake is 6 km away from Berovo, on the road to the border crossing Klepalo. The dam was built in 1970. It is 60 m high and it is one of the biggest dams in the form of an arch in the Republic of Macedonia. The shores of the Lake are covered with dense pine and deciduous forest.

Above the lake, there are flat peaks and meadows with colorful flowers, forest fruits and many herbs for medicine and tea. The Lake also provides great fishing and many opportunities for hiking and relaxation.

  • Activities for the guests in the surrounding of the city of Berovo and hotel Manastir:
  • Visit of a sheep farm
  • Walks around the city on marked mountain trails.
  • Rent a bike.
  • Horse riding.
  • Visit of a fish farm.
  • Visit of Pehcevo waterfalls
  • Visit of the monasteries St. Archangel Michael and St. Virgin Mary